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Sailing Silk Scarf : coming soon


My boyfriend and I set off on a sailing trip in the Atlantic Ocean with one of his friends who gave up piloting planes to sail a boat around the world. On our adventure in the Atlantic ocean we encountered seasoned sailors, magical landscapes, blue skies and storms, and a simpler way of life revolving around the cycles of the sea. This collection is my homage to sailing life, and an experience I will treasure forever.

Designed through a mix of photography and ink art illustration techniques, this luxurious silk satin scarf can be worn in many different ways: as a silk scarf for hair, around the head as a silk headband, as a silk headscarf, a modern silk turban, knotted around the neck, waist, wrists, ankles, belts and purses for an unique and creative fashion statement. Have fun with the styling, dress it up or down, bring it travelling with you (it’s a great way to keep wind-blown hair in check), and set sail to your imagination.d the shoulders, wrapped around the waist, wrists, ankles, belts and purses for a unique and creative fashion statement.


  • Each collection takes around 2-3 months for the artist to create from start to finish
  • Each limited-edition artwork is first created by hand in Montreal, and is inspired by a meaningful travel story
  • The artwork and final design are digitally reproduced and printed in Italy on silk satin
  • Silk satin is known for its soft, luxurious feel, and for beautifully reflecting the light
  • The Sailing silk scarf features an inspiring hand-written message within the design
  • The scarf will arrive wrapped in soy-ink tissue paper, inside a custom two-piece box
  • The packaging is accompanied by a personalized, hand-written note from the artist and a care-instruction card
You may find more details for care instruction here

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