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French Riviera Art Print


40.6cm x 50.8cm (16in x 20in) | Digital print on Canadian-made white Cougar paper

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The South of France is so much more than the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera. It’s the lazy summer breezes, the freshest seaside oysters and slow-moving sailboats. It’s where you go to slow down, walk along the shorelines and people-watch, sipping on lukewarm Pastis ... in quintessential marinière style, of course 😉

This graphic travel illustration inspired by the Cote d’Azur was drawn with pencil, pen, marker, paint and ink on paper, and will add some beach vibes and sunshine to your wall décor, even on long winter days.




  • Each collection takes around 2-3 months for the artist to create from start to finish
  • Each limited-edition artwork is first created by hand in Montreal, and is inspired by a meaningful travel story
  • The artwork is digitally reproduced and printed in on Canadian-made, high quality white Cougar paper in Montreal
  • Each travel art print will arrive rolled in a durable, reusable cardboard tube, individually hand-numbered and signed by the artist
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