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Roman Mosaics Scarf : coming soon


I’ve been obsessed with mosaics since as far back as I can remember: the intricate art of bringing tiny shapes perfectly together to form something bigger. Before Facebook and smartphones, before I became a designer and before I knew how much of the world I would later discover, I went to Rome, where I fell in love with the art of mosaics. This collection is inspired by the Roman, Sicilian and Pompeiian palazzos and ruins I’ve visited over the years. I wanted to create something unexpected with mosaics, so I thought: “Why not make them wearable?”

This graphic black and white scarf can be worn in the hair, around the head as a silk headband, as a silk head scarf, a modern turban, tied around the neck, worn loosely around the shoulders, wrapped around the waist, wrists, ankles, belts and purses for a unique and creative fashion statement.


  • Each collection takes around 2-3 months for the artist to create from start to finish
  • Each limited-edition artwork is first created by hand in Montreal, and is inspired by a meaningful travel story
  • The artwork and final design are digitally reproduced and printed in Italy on silk satin
  • Silk satin is known for its soft, luxurious feel, and for beautifully reflecting the light
  • The Mosaics silk scarf features an inspiring hand-written message within the design
  • The scarf will arrive wrapped in soy-ink tissue paper, inside a custom two-piece box
  • The packaging is accompanied by a personalized, hand-written note from the artist and a care-instruction card
You may find more details for care instruction here

More information about return/exchange here


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